Our strengths

We create "enterprise-class" products based on DLT / Blockchain and innovative technologies in the state of the art of computer science.

These products have a solid, reliable and flexible architecture capable of making business processes in any sector more efficient and safer data transfer thanks to the fundamental principles of decentralization, persistence, anonymity and verifiability.

To support these services, we implement technologies that abstract the complexity of the platform to the customer / user and that make the latter modular and scalable. 


Our software solutions are mainly focused on this technology and on the fundamental principles that characterize it.


Our platforms are deployed in the cloud through European providers (in compliance with the GDPR) and can be reached 24/7 via internet connection.


This technology allows us to create our platforms in the form of containers that can be run on any operating system, from which they derive only the resources necessary for operation.


Our platforms are built following the principles of secure programming and are installed on cloud servers protected from external attacks, thanks to the use of advanced security practices.


Our services are made with advanced technologies and languages, such as Python, GoLang, Javascript and Typescript.


The platforms are made by embracing this principle, in order to facilitate extension and customization towards the user.

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