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What is CIDARO?

CIDARO srl is a startup created in 2018 by Francesco Cirulli, Matteo D'Andreta and Paolo Rollo.

Having acquired the necessary skills in software development and innovation of traditional business models, we decided to create a company that could quickly become a leader in the implementation of DLT/Blockchain solutions for business.

Right from the start, CIDARO gained notoriety at national level in the sector through articles from various online newspapers, following the implementation of a Blockchain-based digital voting system and its use for the elections at the Cavour State Scientific High School of Rome.

During our journey we have mainly dedicated ourselves to projects concerning smart contracts, e-voting and traceability, constantly seeking the most efficient solution.

We were also chosen among the 30 teachers (together with other important experts in the sector, Italian and non-Italian) for the training course in Venice "Blockchain Month Venice". We believe these dissemination activities are of fundamental importance (events, workshops, training courses and articles) in order to understand what the benefits and the multiple sectors of use of this technology are. With this common goal we are also among the founding members of Italia4blockchain.

The next step will be to carve out more and more space in the DLT / Blockchain development sector, facing the challenges required by such a complex and evolving market with passion and determination.

Blockchain beyond crypto.

Customer care

Attention and customer support are at the heart of our business. We seek for the best solution with respect to user needs, implementing technologies that abstract complexities making use simple and intuitive.


Creating tailor-made solutions for our customers that guarantee the security and transparency they need.


Innovation is the fundamental engine in the development of our products and services. We want to bring this change into the corporate processes of companies to make them participate in the era of digitalization.


The right analysis skills are required in order to find the best solution that can integrate the most appropriate technologies for the use case, in order to create customized and innovative services.

Francesco Cirulli

Co-Founder & CFO

Blockchain/DLT Consultant & Smart Contract Developer.

Matteo D'Andreta

Co-Founder & CSO

Business Analyst & Tokenomics Expert.

Paolo Rollo

Co-Founder & CTO

Blockchain/DLT Engineer & Software Analyst.

Alessandro Grandoni

Social Media Manager

SEO Expert & Marketing Specialist.

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